Thank you for pre-registering your student.
As a first step, please fill out this form accurately. This will start the process of enrolling your student.

When you have finished this Pre-Registration form, please call Mr. Michael Jones 570-522-3202 to make an appointment to present the required documents (Immunizations, Birth Certificate, and Proof of Residency).

If you are pre-registering for next year's Kindergarten class, you will need to bring these documents to your Kindergarten Registration appointment at Kelly Elementary (you will get a letter with appointment information).

Student Information
Legal Name from Birth Certificate
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if Kindergarten student
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**Grade Level: If you are registering for this school year, enter your student's current grade level. If you are registering for next fall, enter next year's grade level.
**Anticipated Start Date:
Current Special Programs IEP 504 ELL Speech Therapy
**Prior LASD Enrollment Were you ever enrolled in the Lewisburg Area School District?
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Parent/Guardian Information
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